Kokuyo Undated Weekly Planner - Dark Blue - A5

By Kokuyo
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● A5 size notebook that allows you to set a study / business schedule for each subject from 2 weeks before the test. ● You can visualize the study / business schedule for 2 weeks. ● 2 Weeks ruled features / 1. Easy 3 steps allow you to set up a schedule. Step 1. Write down what you want to do before the test in the planned space for 1 week. Step 2. Enter the amount of time you can study each day in the time entry field. Step 3.2 Fill in the one day for each subject, keeping in mind the number of days remaining in the week. 2. In the title entry field, you can enter what you are studying for. 3. In the goal setting space, you can enter test goals and so on. 4. You can freely fill in the memo space, such as looking back and enthusiasm for the test. ● It is a dark gray ruled line that does not interfere with writing. ● The two-week spread allows you to check the two-week study schedule at a glance. ● The cover is varnished with a glossy finish to give it a simple yet special feel. ● The inner paper is an environmentally friendly product that uses forest certified paper. ● The details of how to use the notebook are described on the inner paper in the actual size of the notebook. ● Inner paper / woodfree paper ● Bookbinding style / wireless binding

● Size: No. 3 (A5)
● Vertical / horizontal:210/148 ● Rule content:2 weeks rule ● Specifications: Spread 2 weeks (53 weeks)