Sailor Hocoro Dip Fountain Pen - White - 2.0 mm Nib

SKU: SAILOR 12-0137-210
By Sailor

A dip pen with a fountain pen nib that makes it easier to use bottled ink for fountain pens.
"Fountain pen nib dip pen Hocoro fine nib" is a set of one pen barrel and one 2.0 mm nib.

Let's play with fountain pen ink more easily.

●Play with lots of ink: You can easily change colours by simply rinsing the pen tip with water, so you can enjoy lots of different colours of ink without the hassle of changing ink.

●Replaceable pen nibs: You can enjoy different pen nibs with one pen barrel. Since you can remove the entire tip, you can replace it without holding the pen tip.

●Pen tip can be stored: When carrying or storing the pen tip, you can insert it into the main body in the opposite direction to protect the pen tip.

●A wide variety of pen nibs: With a variety of pen nibs, you can enjoy more ways to enjoy ink and express colours such as shimmering ink.


Nib: Stainless steel, special 2.0mm pen nib
Body specifications: 
          Tip: POM resin
Pen barrel: PC resin
body size:
φ10.7×135mm (when writing)
φ10.7×119mm (when the pen tip is stored)
Body weight: 6.6g
package: Paper box
size: W48 x D20 x H143mm
Weight: 16.0g

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