Uni EMOTT Bleeding Resistant Fineliner - 10 Pastel Color Set - No.2 - 0.4 mm

By Uni

As the name suggests, Uni has grouped these slim marker pens into sets to reflect the emotions and feelings you may like to recreate in your writing, sketching or journal color-coding.

Each pen features an ultrafine 0.4 mm tip encased in a plastic shield. This shield will protect the nib, keeping the lines firm, true and consistent width. The water-based ink will not bleed or smear and is water-resistant. The pen bodies are a clean uniform white that matches their protective case. The ink color is indicated by a matching discrete band near the tip. To convert the white protective case to an easel tray, just fold back the lid. While the easel tray will certainly keep your Emott Pens together and out of the way, their squared body shape will also keep them from rolling off your desk.

The No.2 set includes 10 colours: Baby Pink, Beige, Coral Pink, Emerald Green, Gray, Light Blue, Light Orange, Light Pink, Light Violet, and Sky Blue.