Kokuyo 5 Pocket Clear Index Holder - Pack of 3 - A4

By Kokuyo
$19.62 $21.80

This 5-index holder enables users to easily add categorizing headings with commercially-available sticky notes, which are kept undamaged and secure thanks to a cover.

Documents can be classified into smaller parts and stored as one item. Additionally, if colored sticky notes are used, documents can be classified by color.

**For optimal results, ensure papers and printed matter are well-dried before inserting them. Depending on the material, some chemical changes could occur, such as wavering on the sheet.

โ— Material / R-PP โ— R-PP sheet thickness / 180 ฮผm โ— Product color / Tโ€ฆ Transparent โ— Size: A4
โ— Vertical/horizontal: 309/237 โ— Quantity: Pack of 3