Kokuyo Campus Notebook - 6 mm Lined with dots - 50 Sheets - A5

By Kokuyo

● Dot-filled ruled lines that organize sentences neatly / By using evenly spaced dots on the ruled lines, you can write notes beautifully and make it easier to look back after writing. ● Features of dotted ruled lines / 1. The beginning of the sentence is neatly aligned. 2. It can be used as a marker for the vertices of figures and the borders of tables. 3. 3. A short ruler can draw a straight line to the end. 4. You can paste the material neatly using the dots as a mark. 5. Characters can be neatly aligned even in vertical writing. ● It is a dark grey ruled line that does not interfere with writing. ● The calm design and texture are perfect for the business scene. ● It is an environmentally friendly product that uses forest-certified paper for the inner paper. ● Inner paper / woodfree paper (forest-certified paper) ● Bookbinding style / wireless binding

● Size: No. 3 (A5)
● Vertical/horizontal: 210/148 ● Rule content: 30 lines (with dots)
● Number of sheets: 50 Sheet