Kokuyo Campus Notebook / Planner Cover - Clear - Slim B5

By Kokuyo
● Campus notebook and notebook cover for Kokuyo Campus notebooks. Transparent/clear type. ● A unique cover to improve usability, such as preventing water from getting wet and protecting the cover. ■ This notebook cover can hold a Kokuyo Campus notebook or diary with 30 to 60 sheets. ■ Cannot be used with ring-bound notebooks and diaries. ■ Precautions when using the cover ● The cover may warp, wrinkle, or discolour due to high temperature or direct sunlight. ● Do not put sharp objects on the cover. ● Please note that the printed matter may be transferred to the cover depending on the conditions. Also, please note that the print will fade if you pinch the thermal paper. ● If you put a thick object, such as a writing tool inside the cover, it may be deformed or damaged. Also, please note that marks may remain if excessive force is applied to the cover surface. ● Size: Slim-B5