Kokuyo Clear Index Holder - with Stopper & Single Mountain - Pack of 10 - A4

By Kokuyo
$17.28 $19.20
● A clear holder that allows you to easily add headings with commercially available sticky notes. ● With a sticky note cover, the heading sticky note is not damaged and does not easily come off. ● It is a simple one-mountain heading type. ● The sticky note cover that pops out the heading mountain makes it easy to find documents. ● Comes with a stopper that prevents documents from falling off just by inserting them. ● If you use colored sticky notes, you can classify documents by color. * Please insert copy paper and printed matter after drying them well. Depending on the printed matter, chemical changes may occur, such as waviness on the sheet. ● Material / R-PP ● R-PP sheet thickness / 180 μm ● Product color / T… Transparent ● Size: A4
● Vertical / horizontal: 307/237 ● Quantity: 10 sheets