Kokuyo Gloo Glue Stick - Disappearing Blue - Small 10g

By Kokuyo

Kokuyo Gloo Glue Stick is ideal for glueing photos. While its square design makes it less likely to roll away from you and inadvertently glue something you’d rather not. The square shape will enable you to neatly and cleanly align the glue with the edge of the page.

The special blue adhesive stick can indicate the area that has been covered. The colour will disappear within minutes after use. The feature helps to make sure that all the area you want to stick has been covered by glue.

Just twist it to advance the glue stick and cap after use. The airtight cap will keep the glue from drying out and gumming up the cap.

Kokuyo Gloo Glue Sticks come in small (10 g), medium (22 g) or large (40 g).