Kokuyo Mizuhiki Ribbon Silicon Rubber Bands - Red - 7 pieces

By Kokuyo
$10.35 $11.50

This brilliant design stands out from other boring rubber bands. The Mizuhiki Ribbon rubber bands not only can be used to bundle your favourite pens together, but also be used as a unique and minimalism packaging for gifts. "Mizuhiki" means "let there be many times". It is designed to be durable and reusable. The designer want them to be durable and can be re-used for many time. When they are re-used for packaging by different people, it forms a kind of communication from person to person.

The rubber band is made of silicon rubber. It is a high-performance material that does not deteriorate or have a rubbery smell. However, as it does not stretch as well as natural rubber, the designer made many trials to ensure that the same level of the function of the original rubber band could be ensured.

The smart, happy and ecological design concept won the Kokuyo Design Award.