Kokuyo Polyester Notebook Cover (With one Twin-ring Notebook) - 2 Notebooks Capacity - Slim B5

By Kokuyo

● Compared to the conventional cover, the inner pocket for fixing the cover of the notebook is deeply designed, so the notebook can be firmly fixed only on one side of the cover. Holds two notebooks securely.
● The maximum storage width is wide, and it can store thick notebooks and memo pads as well as ring notebooks.
● If you store the ring notebook in the right pocket, you can use it compactly while keeping the features of the ring notebook.
● The cover pocket can hold small items that are frequently used with notebooks, such as stationery and sticky notes. In addition, materials and business cards can be inserted in the inner pocket.
● The cover is made of a durable material that is water repellent.
● With bookmark string (2)
● Inner paper / woodfree paper
● Cover / polyester cover
● Bookbinding style / twin ring binding
* One twin ring notebook <edge title> is set as a notebook.