Kokuyo Soft Ring Notebook - Black - Tear Off - Thicker 70 sheets - A5 - 5mm Grid

By Kokuyo

● A ring notebook that uses KOKUYO's original "new sensation soft ring". ● The new standard notebook in the future that allows you to write beautifully to the edge without worrying even if you touch the ring when writing, while keeping the goodness of the ring notebook that it opens flat so it is easy to write, and it can be folded flat so it can be used comfortably even in narrow places. is. ● Since the ring shape is "D-shaped", the ring width is compact and there is no bulky feeling peculiar to ring notebooks. ● The number of notes is 70, which you can write a lot. ● The paper is thicker than a normal soft ring notebook, making less bleeding. ● A cut-off type with micro perforations that allows you to cleanly separate only the pages you need. ● We have adopted a 5mm grid ruler that makes it easy to write figures and tables. ● It is a matte PP cover design that fits into the business scene. ● Inner paper / woodfree paper (thick mouth) ● Cover / PP ● Ring / olefin resin ● Cover color: Black

● Size: No. 3 (A5)
● Inner paper dimensions (vertical / horizontal): 210/148

● Ruled Contents: 5mm grid ruled
● Number of sheets: 70