Kokuyo Soft Ring Notebook - Silver - Tear Off - 80 sheets - Slim B5 - 5mm Grid

By Kokuyo

Kokuyo Soft Ring notebooks feature soft ring design which will not dig into your wrist when you use the left page of the notebooks. Made of soft yet sturdy plastic, the ring will squish down when you rest your arm on them. As the flexibility of the ring, unlike the metal ring, it will not be twisted under pressure in your bag.

The notebook contains 80 perforated smooth sheets which are printed with a 5 mm grid layout. This layout helps you organize your notes or geometry such as triangles and cubes evenly. Ideal for students and scientists.

● Size: No. 6 (slim-B5)
 Inner paper dimensions (vertical / horizontal) ): 252/179 ● Rule content: 5mm grid rule
● Number of sheets: 80