Kokuyo Tack Index Tabs (Color Palette Flag)

By Kokuyo
Product number Types Vertical and horizontal Number of sheets
Me-P7011 5 color mix 14.5mm ・ 25mm 20 sheets x 5
Me-P7020 4 color mix 10mm ・ 25mm 20 sheets x 4
Me-P7030 5 color mix 7mm ・ 25mm 20 sheets x 5

● Since the mount has a hole for the ring to pass through, it can be attached to rings such as binder notebooks, notebooks, and twin ring notebooks. You can use it immediately when you need it, and it is convenient to carry.
● It is a tack memo of a resin film that is hard to shake and easy to store for a long time. Because it is transparent, you can make a headline without hiding the pasted characters.
● A wide variety of colorful color variations and width sizes are available. It can be categorized in detail according to usage.
● Since it is a resin film, you can erase the characters written with a pencil with an eraser.
* Depending on the type of ring, the pitch width may not match and some rings may not be installed. (1 inch pitch is not supported)
* Cannot be attached to spiral notebooks.
* Only the surface can be written.
* Writing with an oil-based ballpoint pen, oil-based marker, pencil, etc. is possible. Writing is not possible with a fountain pen or water-based gel ink.
● Material / Body: Olefin resin, Mount: PP
● Mount with 2 holes