Kokuyo Vinyl Patch Holder - One Patch Stamp - Blue

By Kokuyo
$11.25 $12.50

● KOKUYO's unique feeding mechanism allows you to easily attach stickers as if you were stamping. Also, since it does not use release paper, it does not generate unnecessary dust. ● A guide for alignment with punch holes is provided in the center of the lid. The troublesome alignment has become easier and easier to use. ● Just take out the shaft and refill it. Easy and economical refill type. (Refill sticker sold separately) ● A transparent type sticker that does not hide the letters underneath the reinforced sticker. * This product does not have a drilling function. ● Quantity / 200 pieces ● Seal material / PET (t0.05mm) ● Holder external dimensions / W35xD25xH97 ● Seal specifications / standard size (transparent type) * This product does not have a drilling function. * You can use the special refill sticker (Ta-PS3N). 

● Vinyl patch (outer diameter): Φ14.5
● Vinyl patch (hole diameter): Φ6