Kuretake Gansai Tambi Watercolor Palette - 24 Color Set - Art Nouveau


・[New color for 2022] Kuretake Sochiku Co., Ltd. was founded in 1902 and celebrated its 120th anniversary this year. . The concept is based on Art Nouveau, with well-balanced colors, and you can create any illustration with just this set.
・[GANSAI TAMBI] A traditional Japanese watercolor painting based on what can be seen in nature. It's brightly colored and opaque, and because it's panned in, it's smooth instead of grainy and dries with a slight sheen. Individual frying pans are replaceable.
・[Ink] Proprietary technology has made it possible to develop pigmented ink, which is easy to wash flat and easy to blend. Kansai Tambi Ink can be diluted to create a picture that looks like a watercolor painting.

Features of Gansai Tambi 
(1) Vivid colors: Beautiful colors that can express the colors of the season.
(2) Melts quickly: You can draw when you want to draw, and you can draw seasonal feelings.
(3) Beautiful bleeding: Over 100 years of ink-making technology realizes beautiful bleeding.
(4) The expression changes depending on the amount of water dissolved: If you dissolve it thickly, you can enjoy an opaque and powerful touch.

Customer Reviews

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Marina Davis

Kuretake Gansai Tambi Watercolor Palette - 24 Color Set - Art Nouveau

Janine Beckford
Fun palette

Recently purchased this and have had a lot of fun swatching and testing. Works much like a watercolour - easy to lift colour once down - but also can be used thick like a gouache. Interesting colours and more interesting mixes.

Anita Nalder
Beautiful watercolours

This palette is really lovely. Both the colours and the texture of the paint are so much nicer to use than the basic, generic paints I’ve been using.