Pilot Acroball T Series Smooth Ballpoint Pen - 0.3 mm - Black Ink

By Pilot

Introducing 0.3mm (extremely fine) that allows you to write smoothly even in fine writing!

The Acro ink has a viscosity that is 1/5 that of general oil-based ballpoint pens, making it a smooth ink that is close to water-based, and the balls rotate smoothly. Acro ink has a low viscosity, so the ink supply to the pen tip is ample. Since the ink penetrates deep into the paper fibers, the handwriting becomes even and dark. 

The grip of the Acroball is made of rubber, which is a soft and non-slip material. In addition, the surface has a tire pattern consisting of non-slip irregularities.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Tanya Sorrell
Excellent for left-handers

I'm always looking for fine ballpoint pens that will not smudge or skip or block and this pen is consistently the best at that. I can write as small as I like and not worry the pen will stop working. Have come back to buy two more and some refills.

Becky Taylor
Good fineliner

Lovely fineliner, it never skips. It does feel a tiny bit scratchy but that's probably due to it being so fine. I've opted for the same pen but in a bigger size which is more smooth to write with

Joseph Filipo
Love the pens

Exactly what I was looking for. Will purchase more for my art drawings