Pilot FriXion Ball Knock Zone 0.5 mm Black Ink Gel Pen - Erasable - Premium

By Pilot

"FriXion Ball Knock Zone" is a second-generation erasable ballpoint pen that allows you to write "darker and longer" in response to user requests for darker handwriting and increased ink capacity.

It is refillable with Pilot FriXion Ball Knock Zone Premium Gel Pen Refills - Set of 2

"ZONE TECHNOLOGY" function introduction

 Second-generation Equipped with refill ( adopts "Premium FriXion Ink")

In response to user requests for darker handwriting and increased ink capacity, this metal refill uses the newly developed "Premium FriXion Ink" that allows for writing "darker and longer." "Premium FriXion Ink" has a 30 % higher ink density for black and 15 % higher for red and blue than conventional "FriXion Ink", making it possible to write darker and more easily visible writing. In addition, by using a metal refill and reducing the thickness of the pipe, the ink capacity per refill is increased by 70% compared to conventional resin refills (*1), which increases the writing distance by approximately 40 % ( * 2) The ink lasts longer than before.
Zone handwriting 1.jpg

premium friction ink.jpg

 Comparison with current FriXion Ball single-colour refill
 Depending on writing conditions

② Tip hold system

The pen tip is equipped with a newly developed "tip holder". By firmly grasping the pen tip with a particular three-pronged part as the pen tip extends, it suppresses the wobbling of the pen tip and supports concentration through stable writing.


③Noise cut knock

It features a quiet knocking sound that has been added to the internal parts to reduce the impact of knocking. Compared to conventional products (*), knocking noise has been cut by 78 % (*FriXion ball knock comparison).


*The colour will disappear if you rub it with a special rubber.
*Please do not use it for anything that cannot be erased, such as documents or addresses.
*Do not place in direct sunlight or high-temperature locations. When the temperature exceeds 60℃, the ink becomes colourless.
*Erased handwriting may return when the temperature is around -10℃.
*Do not use it for writing on anything other than paper.
*Depending on the type of paper, such as thermal paper, or the characteristics of the printed material, it may not be suitable for erasing.
*If you rub the erasing rubber with dirt, the paper's surface will get dirty. Please wipe off any dirt before using.

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