Sailor Shikiori Scenery Fountain Pen- 14K Gold - Medium Fine Nib - Full Moon

SKU: SAILOR 11-1224-303
By Sailor

This is a [Scenery] fountain pen from the SHIKIORI series. 

A series where you can feel the breath of the seasons, created by the beautiful natural scenery of each season.

Clear sky in spring. Deep greenery in summer.
Pale golden full moon in autumn. Shining white falling snow in winter.
Beautiful natural scenery throughout the four seasons.
The breath of the seasons there.


is a writing instrument series that allows you to feel the four seasons woven by Japan's nature.
The repeating seasons are a series of moments. People have been singing and depicting seasonal scenes for more than a thousand years.
To enrich your daily life, we bring you colourful writing instruments inspired by the seasons of Japan, which is blessed with nature.
Everyone imagines a different landscape, even when looking at the same color. 

Nib: 14k gold, medium size
Method: Converter/cartridge dual-use type
Nib finish: Gold plate
Body specifications: Lid, body, tip: PMMA resin
Metal parts: gold plated finish
Body size: φ17×124mm (including clip part)
Body weight: 16.8g

This fountain pen comes with two Sailor black ink cartridges and a user manual. The converters are sold separately.

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