Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pen - 12 Color Set - Basic

By Tombow

ABT Dual Brush Pen Features:

  • Brush x Fine dual type

It is a twin-tip pen with a stiff, flexible, durable brush core and a 0.8mm polyester fine tip, perfect for both brush lettering and fine line writing.  A durable brush core that will not deform even when pressure is applied. You can freely draw from thick lines to thin lines. Polyester core allows you to draw fine lines neatly. Stable, uniform lines allow you to draw even the smallest characters with precision.

  • Water-based dye ink

Water-based dye ink produces vivid colors and offers multiple expression methods while minimizing bleed-through.
*Due to the nature of water-based dye ink, certain colors may fade from exposure to sunlight or ultraviolet rays.

  • Colourless blender

A colourless ink pen that allows for various watercolor techniques, including blending, blurring, and drawing.

  • Express as you wish

You can enjoy a variety of expressions such as hand lettering and illustrations.

Color chart: 

Covers "hue x tone" three-dimensionally. The lineup includes a total of 108 colors that are compatible with a wide range of "DIC designated colors."

ABT Techniques:

  • Color x color

① Before the first color on the paper dries, add the next color to it.
Paint the dark color first.

② Mix colors with the tip of the pen
Apply dark ink directly to the tip of the light color and draw in a light color.

  • Color x Colorless Blender (N00)

③ Mixing colors with a blender
You can create gradations by blending the boundaries between different colors with a blender.

④ Create a gradation with a blender
Apply your favorite color onto a material that repels water, such as a clear file, and use a blender to blot and draw. You can create a gradation of light and shade.

  • Color x water brush

⑤ Blur with a water brush

⑥ Create a gradation with a water brush
Apply your favorite color onto a material that repels water, such as a clear file, and blot it with a blender. You can enjoy watercolor-like expressions.

*You can also use a regular paintbrush moistened with water.

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