Uni Kuru Toga Roulette Mechanical Pencil - Silver - 0.5 mm

SKU: UNI M510171P.26
By Uni

The Uni Kuru Toga mechanical pencil and its new mechanism solves a serious problem for every mechanical pencil user. When you write by using a regular mechanical pencil, the lead only wears down on one side, becoming a slanted wedge-shaped tip. This will cause a terrible feeling when you are writing or drawing and variations in line thickness on your paper.

The Uni Kuru Toga mechanical pencil brings a revolutionary change for solving this problem. With the "Lead Rotation" mechanism inside, the pencil is able to sharpen the lead by continually rotating the lead every time you lift the tip from the paper. So the lead will be kept in a conical tip shape that provides a smooth writing or drawing and consistent lines on your paper.

Customer Reviews

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Vinh Nguyen
A Must-Have Mechanical Pencil for Writing Lovers.

I ordered this pencil after 10 year using my favorite pilot one. It writes super smooth and consistent. It has a fantastic and comfortable grip. Highly recommended.

Briar Campbell

Super fast delivery, great value purchase and excellent quality. So happy.

Shane Mulligan
I like it, but now I want the Kuru Toga Dive.

It has kept my handwriting consistent and simplifies handwriting with a mechanical pencil, which is very nice, but it changes the way I write invarious ways. With the Roulette, I have to point downwards more vertically compared with regular mechanical pencils, and write less cursively. This means I go through graphite faster due to the downwards pressure, but the handwriting is more legible and consistent. I am now looking to get a Kuru Toga Dive because I want automatic lead advancement. Pressing the lead-advancement button on the Roulette continually on the Roulette is undesirable. I may even be doing it more often than with a regular mechanical pencil due to pressing a little harder.