Zebra Click Art Marker - 12 Light Color Set

By Zebra

It won't dry out even without a cap!
A knock-type water-based colour pen equipped with new ink allows you to write colourfully quickly.
"Moist Keep Ink" contains hygroscopic ingredients that absorb moisture from the air and can be used by knocking. (*1)
You can choose as many colours as you like from 48 colour variations and have fun writing.
Even if you paint a light colour over a dark colour, such as black, the dark colour will not bleed. Even if you overlap the colours, you can apply them beautifully, and the illustrations will come out beautifully. (*2)

(*1) Our test: No blurring under temperature 20℃ and humidity 60% (52 weeks with the nib stored). Always store the nib after use.
(*2) The effect may vary depending on the dryness of the writing line, the quality of paper used, the environment, etc.

  • 0.6mm fine liner water-based marker.
  • Please store the pen properly by retracting the tip inside the barrel when unused.
  • No more losing your marker pen caps!

Light Color Set contains: Cherry Pink, Peach Pink, Pale Blue, Pale Orange, Salmon Pink, Aqua Blue, Baby Red, Leaf Green, Marigold, Cocoa Brown, Lavender, Mint Green.