Zebra DelGuard Type-ER Mechanical Pencil - Rubber Grip - 0.5 mm

By Zebra
$17.55 $19.50

The Type-ER DelGuard’s eraser system features impressive engineering. It extends from the top cap automatically when the pencil is turned upside down. The eraser locks into place while in use, then retracts into the cap when the pencil is turned back over into writing position.

This pencil also features a rubber grip section, designed for optimal comfort, two replacement erasers, and a rolling stop in place of a clip.

Are you tired of your pencil breaking? Then the DelGuard is your perfect solution. Its clever design makes it almost impossible to break the lead. If too much pressure is applied, a spring in the barrel of the pencil allows the lead to slide back into the pencil instead of breaking. A second spring is built into the tip to protect the lead from too much sideways pressure. Knowing that your pencil lead is break-proof will allow you to concentrate on your writing rather than worrying about applying too much pressure.


  • Mechanical pencil with lead protection system
  • 2 eraser refills
  • Includes a self-retracting eraser

Customer Reviews

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Toby Swallow
Nice pencil

It's always nice to use a nice pencil to doodle with in dull meetings. This one fits the brief and the hand.